Virtual Reality Development

Custom Physics Code

We have built novel tools ontop of the Unreal Engine to aid in our VR systems. Custom physics code allows us to use more targeted physics contraints to produce better results for very specific use cases. These systems can interact with and provide a layer ontop of stock PhysX interactions in the Unreal Engine.

VR Interactivity

We have designed our VR systems to be highly interactive. These reusable systems simplfy generic usecases for interaction in VR spaces. The systems can interact and influence each other in realtime to allow for unique play experiences.


Motion Capture

Elixir Games has its own motion capture studio, software, and tools in house. Using 100% custom code and user interface.

Designed especially for use to export animations that play well with the Unreal Engine.

Development continues into 2020 to allow for interesting developments; including previewing / recording  real-time motion capture in Virtual Reality.




Elixir Games is an independent game studio located in the heart of Mississauga's downtown district across from Square One Shopping Centre.

We are currently concentrating on our debut title: Master Bladesmith, a new, VR Role Playing Game, Designed especially
for an immersive VR experience.



Designed and developed all in parallel to the Unreal Engine, using a core team of indie developers with an emphasis on quality of visuals and development of reusable VR systems. Using a new locomotion system to allow the player freedom to explore the world yet continue to be immersed in an interactive VR world.